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sdb_obsessed's Journal

Obsessed over SDBs
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SDB=Sparkly Dancing Boys (NSYNC, BSB, 98 degrees, etc.)

This community is for people who are obsessed about SDBs to share their stories, pictures, news about SDBs, icons, fanfic, fanart, ANYTHING related to SDBs.

This is a closed community. All posts will be friends only so you must become a member to see.

How do I join?

To join email me. Remember to include your LJ user name Do not IM either moderator or post in our personal journals asking for membership access. Those requests will not be fulfilled.

I requested access but I haven't been given it

Most likely, I haven't gotten to it or it was lost in the shuffle. But there are some reasons that you can be denied access.

  • If you have ever stolen icons (and been caught) you won't be allowed access. Icon stealing is a big no-no! (I consult with anti_theft's private list of icon stealers).

  • If YoU tYpE lIkE tHiS (or anything other than normal) don't even ask

  • If you posted in our personal journals or IMed us asking for access. As stated before, that is not the correct way to ask for posting access and those requests will be ignored. If you can't read how to join membership, then I don't think you will learn how to follow the rules, thus i do not want you in my community. *nods*

Community Rules

  • No bashing! Bashing of ANY SDB's will first result in a warning. Second time will result in termination of membership.

  • For all of our sanity, please make all of your posts friends only. We don't want nonmembers posting comments.

  • When posting large pictures or multiple icons, please use the lj-cut tag. (take out spaces) < lj-cut text="what you want the tag to say" >

  • Do NOT direct link any pictures that are posted in this community. If you want to share them in other communities or your own journal, it is ok (unless otherwise stated by the postee) but you MUST upload them to your own site. It is against community rules to do so and any problems with this must be directed to me via community IM or email. It eats up bandwidth people! You first get a warning, and then are kicked.

  • Slash is ok in this community. (Very ok) Please post under an lj-cut tag if you are posting PG-13 or up stories/pics/whatever and say so in the tag so those who are younger can avoid it.

  • If you want to promote in the community, you have to ask me first. Any unauthorized community promotions will be deleted and you will get a warning. Two warnings and you will be removed.

Our sister site: sparkly_girls

Maintainer: secret_angel
Original Moderator: pam_sparkles